We turn ripples into waves

Perched on the edge of the mighty Pacific, Magnify Digital looks out to a powerful sea that links distant shores. The view inspires our work helping businesses navigate the online world to build measurable connections with target audiences.
If you want to amplify results for your product, program, destination, or service, you’ve arrived.


Strategy. Advertising. Training.

The Magnify Digital team has spent more than a decade charting success for our clients. Whether you need an online strategy, advertising or training to rise above the tide, we think you’ll find us in a league of our own.

“As a content creator it’s so important that people can find and watch my work. Magnify quadrupled my audience in a matter of weeks! This whole process has been a real eye opener for me and has given me some powerful tools to use moving forward. Now I can’t imagine producing anything without consulting with Magnify first!”

— Joely Collins, Million Faces Productions

What Sets Us Apart


ALERT is the framework for all our digital strategy work and the engine that enables us to consistently deliver results. Built and refined over nearly a decade, ALERT defines five essential elements of every successful online plan:

Assess. Locate. Engage. Respond. Track. That’s ALERT.

Contact us to learn how ALERT can power a strategic online presence that will leave the competition in your wake.

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