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Suzanne O’Donoghue

Executive Assistant / Office Manager

Get to know Suzanne

Hometown and what it’s known for: Grandchester, Qld, Australia, is known for its historic railway station, church, and pub, but it’s mostly farmland.

Favourite quote: Stay in your lane. In other words, you do you!

Mountain or ocean: Ocean with waves.

At the top of my bucket list: A trip to Mongolia with my sister.

Guilty pleasure: Ice-cream

Favourite song: The Other Side Part 1,2,3 by Gil Scott-Heron

Craziest travel adventure: Sitting in the cockpit for takeoff from Fiji to Australia in a Boeing 737 and then spending two hours chatting with the pilots while enjoying a champagne breakfast. Pre-Sept 11.

Suzanne O'Donoghue