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Sadaf Ahmadi

QA Intern

Sadaf is a second-year computer science student. As software quality assurance, she ensures that ScreenMiner is bug-free and that the most reliable version is being used.

Hometown and what it’s known for:

Isfahan, Iran

 It is famous for its unique architecture, covered bridges, palaces, monuments and paintings. The fame of Isfahan led to the Persian proverb Esfahān nesf-e-jahān (Isfahan is half (of) the world).

Favourite travel destination?

Santorini, Greece

My perfect day:

A sunny day in Vancouver out for cycling, hiking, and spending hours on the beach.

Guilty pleasure:

Eating dessert before dinner- or whenever.

Mountain or ocean:

Always ocean

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I am more ambivert

On Sunday mornings you can usually find me…

in bed, catching up on sleep for the upcoming week.