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Lily Chen

Project Manager & QA Lead

Lily is the Project Manager & QA Lead in Magnify Digital. She has more than 20 years of experience in the computer industry. Lily works with the CEO and CTO closely to ensure the alignment and synergy of the whole team and aims to deliver the best results.

  • Hometown and what it’s known for: Taipei, TAIWAN. Taipei has been ranked as the top 1 city for expats (prior to the pandemic) because of quality of life with relatively low cost of living, convenience of medical services with high medical quality, rapid yet cheap transportation, and local friendliness.
  • Craziest travel adventure? On a Wednesday afternoon, I got a chance to take the next week off. On Friday, all my kids and myself were on the flight to Australia for a 10-day trip!
  • When I’m not working, I’m happiest doing: Travelling. Short visit or long trip, I am always ready to go!
  • Guilty pleasure: Chocolate is not a sin. It is beneficial to our health!
  • If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be: Spicy hot pot
  • My perfect day: Waking up realizing there is nothing on my To-Do list! (Or maybe I haven’t woken up – still in a dream!)
  • At the top of my bucket list: Go to see the aurora light.