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Kiu La

Software Developer, Magnify Digital

Kiu is a software developer at Magnify Digital. Kiu’s top priority is to support and promote ViewerCentric by making the app reliable and feature-rich.

Get to know Kiu

Hometown and what it’s known for: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Tourists flock to Ottawa to see Parliament Hill, the home of Canada’s federal government.

Favourite podcast: Hidden Brain by NRP. They always have fascinating topics.

Guilty pleasure: I like to convince myself that croissants are low in fat because they are so fluffy.

Mountain or ocean: Mountains provide so many fun activities, including rock climbing!

Favourite digital tool: Visual Studio Code – how can a free tool like VSCode be so useful!

Something people don’t know about me: I am all in for eating lab-grown meat and having more bugs in my diet.