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Kachi Eze

Lead Software Developer

Get to know Kachi

Hometown and what it’s known for: Anambra, Nigeria – Known for amazing art with lots of bronze sculptures, metalworks, and wood carvings

Travel Style: Definitely relaxing

Favourite quote? Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity – Seneca

My perfect Sunday: Taking a long trip on my motorcycle

Favourite TV: show growing up Knight Rider

If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be: Extra-spicy Nigerian Jollof Rice

Craziest travel adventure: An 800km ride with my friends for a biker friend’s wedding

Favourite movie (TV Show): Breaking Bad

A cause I’m passionate about: Emotional Abuse – Help for people with injuries that are not visible to the eyes

Favourite podcast: The SaaS Podcast with Omer Khan

My personal motto: Be true to yourself.

Kachi Eze standing in front of a snowy background