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Roberto Morel

Software Developer

Roberto Morel, software engineer with 11 years of experience, focused on full-stack development. Graduated in Computer Science and Data Science and his main job is to provide solutions with smartness and technology.

Get to know Roberto

Hometown and what it’s known for: Fortaleza – Ceará – Brazil. We’re known for our friendly and loving people and particularly in Fortaleza, we have those amazing beaches and many cultural places.

What drew you to marketing/screen industry: Technology is in my blood. Not literally, I hope. My favorite thing to do in my daily routine is studying and to keep myself updated about the subject.

A hidden talent of mine: I have this strange, great talent in martial arts. I’m a black belt in Karate and I have advanced level in several others, like Kung Fu, Kendo, Archery, and Capoeira (Brazilian martial art). I always say that if I wasn’t a nerd, I would be a great MMA fighter.

Favorite movie: Ratatouille. It’s not just an animation movie, it’s art concepts being shown.

Favorite podcast: On this present date, it’s “GGDev Cast”. Podcast about game development.

My Perfect Day: Spending a nice, quiet time with my family on a big icy mountain, drinking a hot chocolate. We don’t have this here.

Favorite travel destination? Disney – Orlando. I simply cannot stop thinking about going back there, and I love when people speak about it.