Magnify Digital 2.0

The dawning of a new year brings hope and promise. Like an open road, it stretches out ahead, calling us to begin a new journey. As 2020 unfolds, it’s a particularly exciting time for Magnify Digital. Over the last eighteen months, there has been much tinkering in the garage. We’ve built things, broken things, rebuilt them […]

How to Make your Video Content Discoverable for AI and Machine Learning

When it comes to digital marketing and content discoverability, it seems that with every revolution designed to improve audience experience, a new obstacle for content creators comes in tow. Artificial Intelligence (or AI) and Machine Learning are currently two of the hottest buzzwords in a number of sectors, and in 2019 they will further disrupt […]


With five seasons now under its belt, Netflix’s BoJack Horseman has established itself as the clear frontrunner in the adult animation race. Despite Season 1’s lukewarm reception back in 2014, today, it’s often ranked as the best Netflix Original of all time (and that’s not just animated originals). It’s been nominated for a slew of awards for its voice acting, animation, approach to dealing with mental health issues and social commentary, not to mention their wholly original digital marketing strategy. We’re most interested in that last bit.