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Magnify Digital Services

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    Laser-focused, actionable plans for driving measurable and meaningful audience engagement using Magnify Digital's proprietary system, ALERT®.

  • Comprehensive Audience Development Plans

    Applying for funding for your film television, or web series project? Magnify Digital is a leader in audience development services, research and solutions.

  • Social Media Management

    Once your audience starts talking, it’s essential to listen and respond. We will help you manage these important conversations - from actionable policies to implementation.

  • Video and Rich Content Creation

    Need on-brand content creation, social posts or a click-worthy ad? Magnify’s team has a rich history of producing award-winning content.

  • Social Media Advertising

    Amplify your campaign through the power of paid advertising. We specialize in driving awareness, traffic and conversations through a variety of social media platforms.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Your audience is searching for you. The right ad, served at the right time, in the right place can really “click” with audiences across Google.

  • SEO & Metadata

    We leverage the power of Search Engine Optimization to drive relevant traffic, leads, conversions and revenue for your company or specific project.

  • Market Research

    Every great strategy is rooted in research. Learn how, when and where to reach your audiences online.

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Our secret sauce

Magnify Digital’s services stem from our proprietary system, ALERT®. Every great strategy is rooted in research. Our system, proven and refined over a decade, uncovers your audiences and builds high impact digital strategies that deliver measurable results.

Assess. Locate. Engage. Respond. Track. That’s ALERT®.

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