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May 2, 2022

Les bailleurs de fonds renouvellent leur soutien au projet pilote de développement de l’auditoire

Funders double down on their commitment to support Canadian content through innovative audience analytics platform

Bell Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund and TELUS Fund renew Magnify Digital’s pilot project

Vancouver, February 14, 2022 – Vancouver-based Magnify Digital, one of Canada’s leading digital strategy agencies for the cultural industries, is renewing its innovative Audience Development Pilot Project with three of Canada’s top Certified Independent Production Funds. Using Magnify’s first-of-its-kind audience analytics platform ViewerCentricTM, the project will help Canadian producers collect data to increase discoverability of their content and drive success.

“We are thrilled to advance this important collaboration to help producers and media businesses build audiences. ViewerCentricTM is growing in terms of its features, database and the insights it can deliver to industry,” said Moyra Rodger, Founder and CEO of Magnify Digital.

The process of gathering and reporting data has typically been difficult, onerous and time-consuming for producers. This groundbreaking initiative will help Canadian screen media creators simplify the process and access the tools, understanding and agency to position their content in front of target audiences at home and internationally.

“These are challenges shared by screen media industries around the world, and Canadian creators stand to gain significant competitive advantage because of this initiative,” says Rodger. “Success means that Canadian screen media creators will be equipped with data and insights to optimize domestic and international audiences.”

The 2022 Audience Development Pilot Project will build on the momentum of the first year of the initiative. The goal is to continue helping Canadian producers to increase the discoverability of their content while expanding a national database of standardized audience data.

Bell Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund and TELUS Fund, three Canadian Certified Independent Production Funds, are supporting the initiative. “Renewing this initiative will double the project portfolio within ViewerCentricTM leading to a more robust database, benchmarks and learning. The momentum and potential for propelling Canadian content are exciting,” say the Independent Production Funds in a joint statement.

Last year, the initiative led to the three funders standardizing audience development requirements and audience data reporting periods. This year, the funders will continue to refine guidelines and develop resources to support creators.  A new set of premium features will also be coming to the platform in the Spring. Additional funders and industry stakeholders are invited to join the pilot project.


About ViewerCentricTM

ViewerCentricTM is custom-built for the screen media sector. It aggregates data from multiple sources, tracks results, and enables creators to get audience intelligence in a timely manner. The platform organizes and visualizes the data revealing how and where content is reaching and engaging audiences. It is available in English and French and supports content of all genres, languages and formats. The platform’s centralized database also introduces opportunities for identifying audience trends, benchmarks, and other insights previously unavailable to producers and the industry at large.


About Magnify Digital

Magnify Digital specializes in audience development strategy, training and technology for the cultural industries. The company’s products and services enable content creators and publishers to locate, engage, and track audiences online. Magnify works with media, arts and production companies of all sizes, celebrity talent, financiers, and funders from LA to London, Bogota to Dubai. Their latest innovation ViewerCentricTM is a first-of-its-kind software solution that aggregates audience data from multiple sources and visualizes it to deliver instant meaning. The Magnify Digital team is based in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

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