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Magnify's team of experts hail from lands far-flung; united by a passion for creativity, strategy and storytelling.

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We streamed our first video in ‘99 via our sister company, Out To See Entertainment,  and we’ve been crafting stories ever since. 

20 years later, and our international team is still helping clients around the world tell effective marketing stories to their audiences. Specializing in screen media, tourism and real estate, our deep industry experience allows us to assist our clients in reimagining their online presence. 

So whether you’re looking for someone to run your paid ad campaigns, write your marketing strategy or manage your video production, our team will help you to magnify what matters.

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Based in “Super Natural” British Columbia, our headquarters are perched on the edge of Vancouver’s False Creek. The Magnify Digital core team is made up of experts working together across the world.

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"The ALERT-TV+ training our team received was absolutely fantastic. Our team was mixed with some social media novices and some that were proficient. Regardless of the knowledge we all went in with, we ALL learned a lot about the ever changing world of social media and digital strategy. I feel like every content creation company could benefit from ALERT-TV+ training. It carved a path and brought clarity to a landscape that can be truly confusing and overwhelming."

Missy McIntosh Story Editor

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  • Poster for Whistler Film Festival
  • Poster for Destination British Columbia
  • Poster for CVS Tours
  • Poster for Gardens British Columbia
  • Poster for emily carr university of art + design

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