Where You Apps?

This week a friend of mine finally got herself a smartphone. Even using the term ‘smartphone’ feels out-of-date, let alone getting your very first one ever. She remembered me obnoxiously praising this app or that so asked me this morning for my top picks. Thought I’d share with you too. Hopefully you can do the same in the comments.

  • Posterity – never forget an adorable phrase or expression your kid says again. Posterity saves it, dates it, and allows you to add a photo from the moment.
  • MyFitnessPal – exercise and calorie tracker extraordinaire
  • Starbucks app – (if you go to Starbucks) this app allows you to use your phone to pay for drinks; handy!
  • UrbanSpoon – identifies good restaurants in your area and shows you what other people have tried and liked/hated
  • Uber – (you have to subscribe to this service but it’s essentially a personal driver that will pick you wherever you are + take you where you need to go. You don’t have to pay at the time of the ride, rather you pay online) Use the app to tell the Uber driver where you are and find out how far away your ride is.  UPDATE: Thanks to @kcclaveria for letting me know Uber has been shut down in Vancouver – but is still alive and well in other cities. Read more here.
  • Songza – incredible selection of music playlists at your fingertips. Every type of music is represented. This app is my personal favourite!
  • TuneIn Radio – allows you to listen to any radio station in the world
  • Smule – cheesy, fun karaoke with a twist: you can choose to sing with other users or solo; people find you and follow you if they like your singing. This one is a guilty pleasure of mine.
  • KidArt – no longer do you have to feel guilty about throwing out that wonderful painting your son did. Snap a photo of it, date it and start creating a file of your kid’s art.
  • Instagram – if you’re into that sort of thing.. which I am. Makes your photos look amazing but keep in mind, every photo is public. (And Instagram is now owned by Facebook.. which likely means nefarious changes are on the horizon)
  • Percolator – a fun, mess-around-with-your-photos app
  • Mosaic – make a quick and snappy mini photo album with select photos on your phone. Easy. Cheap.
  • DuckDuckGo – a search engine I highly recommend you use. Unlike Google and Bing, DuckDuckGo won’t track your activities or serve you up filtered search results.
  • Foodie – grocery list app; as you shop you can check off what you’ve purchased, then shake your phone. All still-to-get items will rise to the top.
  • Google Maps – even though your phone comes with a pre-installed map – it’s <ahem> less than good. You want Google Maps.
  • Last but not least: “Reminders”. You don’t have to download this one from the app store, it’s already on your phone. I can’t praise this feature enough. It’s literally the sole reason my life doesn’t fall to pieces. Any and every little detail goes into my reminders. When I input something new, I also set a time & date to be reminded. This app is a blessing for school-related forget-me-nots, and anything else you can’t afford to forget.

I would love to hear what apps you use and why. I need some new goodies!