Websites with Attitude

And now for something completely different: some of my favourite websites!

The websites listed first are the kind that might make you wonder why someone bothered. But I think they’re terrific & fun.

Pointer Pointer

Staggering Beauty

Human Clock (Note: Stay on this site for at least one minute to appreciate)

I always harp on about how a website should have a clear purpose. Visitors need to “get” what it is you want them to do when they land on your homepage. These sites are some of the clearest I’ve seen:

Down for everyone or just me?

Is it old? Sadly, I see this one is down due to Twitter changes. Shame. You used to be able to plug in a URL to gauge how old & tired it was. In other words, how many times it had already been tweeted. The purpose was to save you embarrassment.

(something familiar)

And then, there are the websites that, with a little input from you, create something amazing.

Small Demons


Now I know you’re wishing I’d listed that website, you know the one. And I would have – but I was saving that honor for you. Please use the comment section below.