Tracking Website Events With Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool for tracking website user statistics. The standard, out of the box code and installation provides a vast amount of valuable information. However, the tool becomes even more valuable when customized.

One of these customizations is to track website events. Measuring how many people convert, or take an action on your website, provides useful insights. For example, it is possible to see the traffic sources that convert most. Are your efforts on Facebook causing visitors to take the actions you want on your website? If the answer is no, maybe you shouldn’t be spending time and resources on that social channel. Either way, it’s important to know how each component of your online marketing mix is driving real results on your website for example many websites that sell.

Here are 6 advanced events that can be tracked in Google Analytics:

Track Email Link Clicks

Websites often include email links that make it easy for visitors to be in touch with a brand. Google Analytics can be used to track the number of users who click these links, presumably with the intention of sending an email to the company.

Track Form Submissions

There is a variety of forms that can be used on a website. For example, newsletter sign-up forms, contact forms, and registration forms are all valuable website conversions. Google Analytics can be used to track the number of form submissions.

Track Outbound Link Clicks

Outbound links are any hyperlinks on your site that point to third-party websites (i.e. sites other than your website’s domain). There are many reasons for linking to other websites. If your website links to a third-party booking site, social media profiles, or has affiliate links, you may be interested in knowing how many people click and transit to these other destinations.

Track Video Views

Research says video can make a website more engaging and Google Analytics can help you learn whether visitors are actually watching your videos. Trailers, promotional, and instructional videos are all valuable assets. Views of those videos may provide valuable insights for your business. Google Analytics can be used to track the number of video plays and the percentage of videos watched, which can help you understand user engagement.

Track File Downloads

PDFs, Word documents (.docx), and Excel workbooks (.xlsx) are some of the file types typically available for download on a website. Tracking the number of document downloads can provide insights into the type of content users find most valuable.

Track 404 Error Pageviews

404 error pages appear when the webpage a user is trying to access is not available. For example, 404 errors are often caused when a user manually types an incorrect URL, when there is a broken link, or when a webpage is no longer available. Tracking 404 error pageviews in Google Analytics will help you identify error pages so you can fix the problem.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but you can make it even more powerful by tracking website events.

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