The Magnify team specializes in the design, implementation, and measurement of online strategies.
We give our clients the tools to engage in authentic two-way conversations with their customers.
Conversations that build visibility, credibility, and profitability.

In the sea of choices, how can businesses ensure their
content bubbles to the surface?

Magnify has spent the better part of a decade figuring out just that.

First, we start with a rigorous assessment to find out where and how your target audiences are gathering on the web, whether online advertising might fit, how your product, program or service is positioned for success in the virtual world, and how your competitors are wowing or wobbling in their online outreach. The AHA! moments revealed in the assessment inform a laser-focused online strategy designed to deliver measurable results. Social media, online advertising, email, newsletters, SEO, SEM, mobile marketing, and other tools are matched to your objectives and resources.
No one-size fits all strategies here.

Travel and Tourism

The first destination for most travellers is the Internet. Strategically positioning your offering so guests can find you is job number one for operators, large and small.

Film. Television. Web Series.

Whether your show is DIY, branded, or bound for broadcast, a discoverability strategy to drive audience engagement is no longer an option. It's a necessity.

Make sure your content rises to the top.

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“ALERT-TV+ is the right product at the right time for content creators.  Not only does the system enable producers to embrace the digital world after a project is complete, it shows how to dig up free data that can actually make for better ideas and pitches in the very early concept development stage.”

— Patrick Roberge, CEO, PRP Productions