Simple Steps to Protect Your Twitter Account

This weekend my Twitter account was hacked. The “attack” wasn’t all that serious – one spammy tweet was posted that appeared to be from me, but wasn’t. However, it motivated me to tighten up my account before a more serious hack occurs.

The spammy tweet came from an application that had permission to access my Twitter account. I granted the permission a while ago, but forgot.  Granting access to a Twitter or Facebook account happens easily.  When signing up for a new tool, if you use your Twitter of Facebook accounts to log in, you’ve granted permission to the tool. In my case, I had granted access to Pinterest, foursquare, Instagram and a long list of other apps.

The problem is many of us grant access to these apps and then neglect to give them another thought. After a while, a long list of apps builds up and this can make your account vulnerable. For this reason you should regularly review which apps are accessing your Twitter account and revoke access to the apps you no longer use, trust, or don’t otherwise wish to grant access.

Here’s how to do it.

Log in to your Twitter account.

Find the “Edit Profile” symbol (far right) and click on it.

Select “Settings” from the dropdown list.

Select “Apps” from the Settings menu. Now you will see all applications that currently access your Twitter account. From here, you can decide to revoke access or maintain select applications.


If you select “Revoke access” and later change your mind, you can “undo revoke access”.

Good luck and be safe.