More Than a TV Show

Irish Broadcaster RTÉ is in its 6th season of Operation Transformation. This show is one of the best examples of a television property with a comprehensive and value-rich online offering.

First, about the show… Operation Transformation is a weight loss competition between Irish residents (aka: normal people, not celebrities, or extraordinarily large people). These overweight contestants (referred to as leaders) are each put on a specific weight loss plan that covers everything from meal planning to exercise regimes.

Using the online tools established for the show, viewers can “follow” a leader. Each leader has his/her own web page that includes their full-body 360 photo, their age, weight, height and personal story. When a viewer follows a leader, they get access to that leader’s weight loss plan as well as:

  • the leader’s detailed weight loss journey (a week by week account)
  • online videos of that leader’s daily workouts
  • online weight loss tools to calculate own body measurements
  • daily meal plans for that leader
  • PDFs of weekly shopping lists to support the corresponding meal plans (so the viewer can follow along at home)
  • online coupons for local grocer
  • access to expert weight loss coaches and physicians through the show’s Facebook Page

Operation Transformation also features the successes and pitfalls of audience members following along at home, while an RTÉ Radio show keeps viewers of Operation Transformation up to date on the leaders’ progress in between broadcasts.

In addition to the list above, other online components include:

  • downloads of motivational music (to keep you going in your workouts)
  • videos of dance troupes and/or other community-based physically active groups
  • mobile app to support weight loss and calorie tracking
  • listings of local runs and other health-conscious events

And of course, all programs can be watched online.

RTÉ is Ireland’s national broadcaster (think Ireland’s BBC or CBC). It stands for Raidió Teilifís Éireann (pronouced, Rad-eo Tella-feesh Air-ann) which means, Radio & Television in Ireland. Operation Tranformation is the broadcaster’s first crossmedia / 360 degree project.