How Employees Can Help Boost Your Social Media

If you’re like most business owners or social media coordinators, you are likely always on the hunt for fun and engaging content to share online. Great content is the lifeblood of compelling, fresh, and valuable online footprints.

Inspiring employees to generate visual content, photos and short videos, is one way to create a steady stream of shareable content. Employees already understand what drives the business and delights customers, so who better to document your product or service in action?

Public facing companies and certain industries that photograph well (fashion, tourism, food, etc.) may be a better fit for employee driven content than others, but every company has moments worth sharing. Often, behind the scenes shots are the most interesting. Here are three steps for implementing a process for employee generated content:

  1. First, decide who will be encouraged to participate, and how. Will submitting photos/video be a company-wide initiative, or limited to a certain department? Try giving incentives to encourage submissions – the best photos could be featured weekly or monthly, with a prize for the contributor. But remember, quality content is more important than quantity.
  2. Next, decide who will be the gatekeeper. All images, along with text that provides context (or a suggested caption) should be sent to whoever is responsible for social media. That person will be the curator, copywriter, and publisher. This ensures published content is on-brand.
  3. Create guidelines. Outline tips for the kind of images/videos you want, securing permission from customers or others appearing in the content, as well as any restrictions. Include clear instructions about delivery process – where the content should be sent, subject line to be used, resolution, maximum size, and file format.

You may be pleasantly surprised by the unique content your team generates. Be on the lookout for images that could inspire blog posts or might be suitable for company newsletters. Think about introducing themes for certain photo/video campaigns or ask your team for suggestions. Keep it fun and easy to ensure buy-in from employees.

Is employee generated content encouraged at your company? What has been your experience?