Corporate Holiday Greetings: How to Avoid a Backfire

I love the holidays. I am not a Scrooge. So, please forgive this somewhat Scrooge-y post.

I have received many e-greetings from firms who are genuine in their intentions to wish their customers, friends, and  valued partners, all the best of the season. A few small firms have personalized the card with the names of their team members or offered a useful tidbit, lovely photo, or some other offering of value. All nice touches.

I’ve also received several self serving promos masquerading as greeting cards. I shook my head at the first few, but, this one just received from Palace Resorts tipped my festive mood. Wrapping up a resort promo in a holiday greeting is just wrong. For me, it speaks volumes about an organization. It screams, we are inauthentic, opportunists. Why would one believe the same outfit treats their guests any differently?

There is a lesson here for businesses that use e-blasts. Whether a holiday greeting or other outreach, think seriously about the messages you send to those who have permitted you to place content in their in-boxes. Are you bringing value to the receiver or is your strategy to keep your brand top of mind at any cost?

At this time and throughout the year, when it comes to your digital content strategy, as in life, it is better to give than to receive.

Happy Holidays!