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Instagram in 2016: Best Practices for TV Shows

Since it launched on October 6, 2010, Instagram has become a massively important social network, with more than 400 million active users. Originally available exclusively for iPhone, this mobile-first, image- and video-sharing network is increasingly accessible across all platforms. In this post, we look at a few of the Instagram tactics being…
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Second-Screen Competition Gets Fierce

The second-screen e-commerce market may lack a definitive leader, but a few players certainly stand out. Take Shazam for example. Once just a music recognition app, Shazam is now on an aggressive path to dominate the second-screen app market. While Shazam’s greatest competitor in the audio recognition app market is…
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Where You Apps?

This week a friend of mine finally got herself a smartphone. Even using the term ‘smartphone’ feels out-of-date, let alone getting your very first one ever. She remembered me obnoxiously praising this app or that so asked me this morning for my top picks. Thought I’d share with you too….
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Are Mobile Websites Necessary?

I used to believe having a mobile version of a website was forward-thinking, advantageous and just all around smart. A year+ later, I’m changing my mind. And I should. Things change. Habits change. Smartphones are pretty smart. I’m now prepared to argue that many websites, can serve audiences well without…
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Coffee Cup Makes Hearts Soar

Shove over QR codes. There’s something faster and slicker moving in on your turf. Yesterday I picked up a drip coffee from Starbucks. It came in a Valentine-themed cup. The fine print underneath the cup’s giant love heart was a message instructing me to download the free “Magic Cup” app. …
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