Discoverability Starts Here: Editorial by Magnify Digital CEO

Published in Playback on Monday, March 30, 2015. The CRTC decisions delivered by Jean-Pierre Blais last week sent successive shock waves through the Canadian production and broadcast communities. Mr. Blais presented a secondary point that reverberated less, though its implications are also significant and far-reaching. In his March 12th address…
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Websites with Attitude

And now for something completely different: some of my favourite websites! The websites listed first are the kind that might make you wonder why someone bothered. But I think they’re terrific & fun. Pointer Pointer Staggering Beauty Human Clock (Note: Stay on this site for at least one minute to…
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TV & Interactive Creators Beware: Who owns the audience?

Producers, broadcasters and funders are necessarily grappling with the rights and revenues attached to opportunities made possible by digital technology. To date, the discussion has centered primarily around platforms for distribution. The June 2010 CFTPA (CMPA) research study, “Towards a Framework for Digital Rights” does an excellent job of summarizing…
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Does Popularity equal Influence?

With lots of buzz around measuring influence in social media this post explores the question of whether popularity equals influence?

5 Predictions for 2011

I have a few predictions for 2011 with specific regard to online tools and trends.  Here are my top five. 1. Scanning will be all the rave in 2011. Scanning items, events, people, vehicles – using mobile devices. Mark my words. It will be big next year. 2. Facebook Places…
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