Addiction the Next Step


Bountiful Films was looking to create a digital media experience to expand the reach of Wasted, a book and CBC documentary about Mike Pond’s devastating battle with alcoholism and his search for new science and treatment to help those struggling with substance use disorders. The idea was to create an app for addicts and to use social media to drive awareness for the project. The Bountiful team approached Magnify to lead the digital media initiative.


Magnify’s market and audience assessment revealed a gap in online support not for those battling addiction, but rather for friends and families who support loved ones with substance use disorders. Collaborating with the Centre for Motivation and Change in New York, the Magnify and Bountiful teams developed a framework for an interactive guide offering therapeutic support via videos, available to parents and partners when and where they need it.


By the time the broadcast and interactive guide launched, had attracted

  • over 50,000 page views
  • 21,000 visits
  • over 3,000 newsletter and SMS sign-ups
  • of those who opted in for SMS messaging during the broadcast, on average an impressive 44% clicked through.

The audience continues to grow for the digital media experience with. As of May 31st, has earned

  • over 64,000 visits
  • 47,000 unique visitors
  • 201,000 page views.