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New Moves in the #SocialTV Sandbox

Comedy Central, MTV and NBC Universal’s Syfy channel continue to muck about in the social TV sandbox – and are seeing successes. Already there is considerable buzz about Comedy Central’s plan next week to hold a comedy festival exclusively on Twitter. The lineup can be seen here. The hashtag #ComedyFest…
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Magnification Potential

Online marketing promotes or builds awareness for a product. Often, the decision as to which tactics are used depends on available resources – time and money. There’s also an important factor to consider, which I like to call the “magnification potential”. By magnification potential, I mean the expected multiplication factor…
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Where You Apps?

This week a friend of mine finally got herself a smartphone. Even using the term ‘smartphone’ feels out-of-date, let alone getting your very first one ever. She remembered me obnoxiously praising this app or that so asked me this morning for my top picks. Thought I’d share with you too….
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More Than a TV Show

Irish Broadcaster RTÉ is in its 6th season of Operation Transformation. This show is one of the best examples of a television property with a comprehensive and value-rich online offering. First, about the show… Operation Transformation is a weight loss competition between Irish residents (aka: normal people, not celebrities, or…
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Finding the Universal Marketing Metric

In our ALERT® digital strategy process we emphasize the importance of measuring your online marketing efforts. Measurement is important because: A marketing initiative needs to yield positive returns, otherwise it should be discontinued. Tracking and measuring helps you make better business and marketing decisions. For example, see the post about Using…
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How Social Media Matters to TV

A new survey confirms that social media boosts TV viewing. The survey, conducted by Nielsen and the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing, showed that 49% of women & 43% of men began watching a show based on posts in social media. The biggest battle for TV-relevance lies between the…
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Why Monitoring Matters

A key feature of ALERT & ALERT-TV+ is a way to set up monitoring for your social media channels and general online presence. This is an essential part of any social media strategy. Monitoring not just your own social media channels but also your competitor’s social media channels can pay…
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Magnify Digital Featured in Forbes – Social TV is Not the New Nielsen

Forbes recently published an article, Social TV Data Is Not The New Nielsen: How It Might Be Better, about whether the average viewer would engage and “lean forward” with television shows in a more active way. The article notes, with the current state of this evolving industry, there are few straight…
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