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To Shorten or Not To Shorten?

Can you guess what this post is going to be about by reading the post title? If you guessed URL shorteners, you are correct! URL shorteners have been around for many years. For those who don’t know what a URL shortener is, it is basically a tool that allows users…
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Helpful Lists and Tweeters

The best part about the internet is that group of hardworking people who spend long hours searching and compiling helpful lists for the rest of us. Mashable has a great collection of lists, including 100 of the best authors to follow on Twitter, 100 Best Google Map tools and 270…
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The Customer Experience – DIY Online Contests

The customer experience with companies and brands is an important component when trying to build loyal customers. Traditionally, this included sales people interacting with customers in the store or customer service representatives interacting with customers through telephone support. Extending online, the customers’ interaction with a company’s website (online store front)…
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Rock Classics and SEO

Last week, as my beloved watched a TV special featuring Ron Hawkins amidst rock legends Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins, it dawned on me that, just like classic rock tunes, some SEO guidelines never die. Yes, every once in awhile Google performs one of its dreaded updates, adding some…
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