The mad men days are dead. Sadly, the flow of martinis has slowed, too. On the bright side, today’s advertising is accessible for businesses large and small. Whether search, social, or programmatic, online advertising can take a digital marketing plan from meh to marvellous.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to online advertising.

Search ads can help you connect with someone already looking for your content. Social ads can raise awareness with people who don’t yet know they have an itch your offering can scratch. Programmatic plans can act like heat seeking missiles tracking down lookalike audiences to amplify your conversions.

At Magnify, we specialize in crafting ad campaigns to match client objectives, timelines, and resources. We creatively construct plans and design click-worthy ads based on solid keyword research. Landing pages, calls to action, and tracking must be configured to drive costs down and conversions up. Success is in the details. We monitor, track data, tweak, optimize, rinse and repeat. Then we deliver ongoing reports so you can see exactly how your dollars are performing.

Search Ad Campaign

When someone is looking for your product or program, be sure it bubbles into view. Magnify has a long history crafting click-worthy campaigns that drive reach and engagement.

Social Ad Campaign

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads can punch above their weight when campaigns are well crafted. Ask us how a social campaign can drive results for your business.

Programmatic Ads

Amplify the return on your media buying dollars by segmenting and hyper-targeting your audience with this fast growing, sophisticated approach to ad placement.

Landing Page Design

Online ad campaigns are only as strong as their weakest link. Magnify delivers strategic landing pages that move visitors effortlessly along the road to discoverability.

Video and Rich Content Creation

Need help building your online assets? No problem. We bring to the table a rich history of award winning television production via our sister company, Out To See Entertainment.


Magnify configures your analytics and tracks campaign data to create meaningful reports that enable you to assess the return on your digital marketing investment.

Contact us to put a little marvellous in your digital marketing mix.

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“ALERT-TV+ is a game changer for the television production community”

— Michael McNeil, CEO, INTV International