5 Tips For Your Foursquare Explore Social Strategy

If you haven’t claimed your foursquare profile yet, you might want to get on that asap! If the fact that the site’s database has 1.5 billion check-ins logged into the system isn’t enough of a an incentive, then perhaps knowing that foursquare has gone “search” online with their newest feature Explore with the website garnering 1 million unique visitors per day already could entice you.

By claiming your foursquare profile you can personalize it to suit your business and take advantage of integrating this platform into your social media (geo-location) strategy. In addition to checking-in, claiming badges and mayorships, now users can search for locations, deals, and places on their desktop using the Explore feature. Some people don’t like having a Foursquare account on their mobile phones and “checking-in” all the time, but would like to use this feature to see where their friends are checking-in and what they recommend. Foursquare Explore allows you to go online and search without having to use the platform as a check-in tool. It is useful for the end user to go through the 15 million tips that are gathered on the site already when deciding on where to go and what to eat… or drink!

Here are five tips to include in your strategy in order to ensure increased visits from Foursquare Explore to your company’s profile page:

  1. Regularly monitor your foursquare account. Review check-ins, comments, and tips to see what users are saying.
  2. Use QR codes to encourage check-ins, tips, and submissions.
  3. Promote Foursquare ads to encourage check-ins.
  4. Include sentiments and adjectives in your foursquare ad strategy (i.e. romantic, Friday, sweet, summer, wine list, etc…)
  5. Use keywords when posting deals on your foursquare account to help with search queries.

Happy searching!