5 Tips for Creating Tip Top Fashion Blogs

There are countless fashion blogs online and competition is fierce. For every Tuula Vintage or Gary Pepper Girl, there are countless others that will only make it onto their bestie’s Bloglovin’ feed. Those with the most flair attract the lion’s share of eyeballs, fans, and likes. But it’s their blogging sense as much as their fashion sense that makes these sites pop.

“These successful bloggers have a few tricks up their perfectly cuffed sleeves, like hiring a Social Media Agency that can be applied not only to fashion blogs, but to any blog with highly photogenic subject matter like food and travel.

So, what do the top fashion blogs have in common?

1) They feature stunning photography

Fashion and photography go hand in hand. The best fashion blogs inspire visitors with gorgeous images that occupy most of the blog’s real estate. These bloggers average 8 photos per post – but it’s not all about quantity. Quality standards are stiletto heel high. Investing in a good camera, and perhaps an even better photographer, makes all the difference.

2) They have mastered Instagram

All those beautiful images get mileage beyond the blog. Top fashion bloggers don’t stop at Facebook and Twitter. They harness the power of Instagram, where fashion does incredibly well. Research shows that fashion brands get four times more interactions and followers on Instagram than other brands.

3) They are exploring video

Whether on YouTube, Snapchat, or Periscope, many top fashion bloggers are experimenting with video content. It’s a trend that’s likely to continue given Periscope was touted as the “it” app of New York’s Fashion Week. Brands like BCBG, Desigual, and Ralph Lauren are already using Periscope to live stream many of their shows and events.

4) They ooze personality

Blogs may show outfits and trends, but at the end of the day, they are about the blogger’s style and personality as much as they are about fashion. That’s why the top blogs weave the blogger’s story throughout the site. They give fans a glimpse into their lives, and often share content about food, travels, habits, etc.

5) They partner with RewardStyle

How do top tier bloggers rake in over $1 million a year? The most popular monetization strategy is partnering with the affiliate network RewardStyle. All links to fashion items are routed to retailers through the affiliate platform, which earns bloggers commissions along the way. I highly recommend this method, and I am going to vote with the crowd and recommend Affiliate Institute to learn everything regarding the affiliate marketing..

Whether you’re just starting a fashion blog, or have been blogging for a while, I hope you find these insights useful. Which best practices have you noticed on your favourite fashion blogs?