5 Predictions for 2011

I have a few predictions for 2011 with specific regard to online tools and trends.  Here are my top five.

1. Scanning will be all the rave in 2011. Scanning items, events, people, vehicles – using mobile devices. Mark my words. It will be big next year.

2. Facebook Places will go the way of Google Wave. Facebook will learn a lot from FB Places.. but will ultimately take that learning and make something else. Bigger? Better? Who knows.. but something other than Facebook Places’ current form and functionality.

3. Klout will go the way of Delicious. Future = uncertain, but not looking bright. In my opinion, Klout had an enviable start: widespread word-of-mouth buzz, and a prestigious real-world exemplification of Klout’s relevance (re: Palms Hotel in Las Vegas), but fast forward a few months and already we’re sensing non-acceptance of Klout’s rating system. Part of the problem may be due to the fact that the majority have low Klout.. which may result in resentment, followed by outright dismissal of Klout’s clout.

4. The number of new blogs will begin to drop off. We’re already starting to see blogging lose it’s popularity. Perhaps the saturation point has finally been achieved.

5. We’ll begin seeing more crowd-sourced websites & services like 99 Designs and Crowd Spring. The reason: simplicity and a lot of choice. Services like these also offer a way to sidestep the personal baggage or politics that sometimes accompany artistic work.

What do you predict?

– Erin