3 Steps to Search Engine Optimize Your Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of helping search engines discover what your website is about.  SEO is important because it helps a website be seen and found in search engine results.Resultado de imagen para google seo

Reading the recent guidelines set forth by Perth seo professional will teach you that seo can be a complex process that involves continued refinements over time, often by SEO professionals.  However, there are some simple steps anyone can take to get a website off on the right…er… foot.

    1. Keyword research. Build an initial list of keywords potential customers may use when searching for the product or service you offer. Input these keywords in Google’s Keyword research tool to discover more keywords. Also use the tool to identify the monthly search volume for each keyword. A keyword that has very low search volume may not be worth optimizing for the website.
  1. Update Website. Review the contents of your website. Identify which keywords on your list will be a natural fit for each webpage. Select 1 – 2 keywords for each webpage and incorporate these keywords in the page’s title tag, description tag and page content.  It has been suggested that repeating a word should never exceed 6 times on a page… assuming the page has at least 3 paragraphs of text. Use SEO Gigs, I used Legiit to find the best SEO Gigs on any marketplace, is recommended for those spammy ads.
  2. Gather Links. Inbound links play an important role for search engine optimization. Inbound links are links on other people’s websites that link to your website. Each inbound link can be seen as a vote for your site. The more high quality inbound links you have, the better. You may be able to quickly gather your initial set of inbound links from business contacts and alliances related to your business sector.

The importance of a SEO in today’s competitive market is really high, with the search engines you can be able to be more visible for millions of people, as right now the web is full with information and many kinds of businesses trying to be on top everyday. The first thing you need is a google seo consultant as you need a special management for your service, product or business. If you have a website, blog or trying to start with one a SEO can help your business grow and meet many goals of viewers, customers and at the end give you a more profitable chart. Resultado de imagen para google seo

Victor from the SEO Agency based in Hong Kong claims that these are the first steps to search engine optimize your website. Every little steps counts when building your overall online strategy.