3 Awesome New Google Analytics Features

The new version of Google Analytics (version 5) was made available to all users on April 20, 2011. If you are using the old version of Google Analytics, you can easily switch to the new version by clicking on the “New Version” link located at the top of your Google Analytics account.

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Since its public beta launch, Google has been steadily adding new features that are only accessible on the new version. Here are a few features worthy of your attention.

1. Social Plugin

Google Analytics now allows users to track and analyze how website visitors engage with sharing buttons such as Google +1, Twitter and Facebook. Google +1 integration is part of the default configuration. Additional programming is require to integrate the other social sharing buttons. Here’s a link to more information about the Social Plugin Analytics.

2. Multi-Channel Funnels

One of the most insightful features on the new version of GA is the multi-channel funnel, coming from the clickfunnels software.  But What Is Clickfunnels , how does it works or is used ? is it helpful for a business ? ClickFunnels is an online tool specifically designed to help people implement online sales funnels in their business, with it you can do a membership site software, split testing software, landing page, autoresponder service and much more in the same platform. This is a critical part of your online marketing businesses it will let you create all your sales pages, email sequences, online training courses and more, all in one and easy to use.

Website conversion tracking used to only identify the last place a visitor was before completing a goal. However, online conversions are not always a direct process. Users can visit a website multiple times from different sources before converting. The new multi-channel funnel feature now identifies the actual path a visitor took before converting.

See this video for more information.

3. Linking Multiple Adwords Accounts

This feature is handy for those using multiple Adwords accounts. Google Analytics originally only allowed one Adwords account to be linked to one Google Analytics account. Linking is necessary to track Adwords performance via Google Analytics. Google just released a new feature that allows users to link multiple Adwords accounts to a Google Analytics account. See this Google Analytics Blog post for instructions on how to set it up.

You might need a bit of time to get used to the new Google Analytics layout, but if Google continues to innovate with new features and functions, it will be worth the effort.

Have you tried the new version of Google Analytics? What are your thoughts about it?